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Movies and Dinner

Things have been quiet this week; who knew there'd be so little room for movies between over-time at the day job and raising a 3-month-old?

Fortunately, things are picking up, and the next three weeks promise to be insane.  Not only will this week see the second installment of "The Thomas Jane Affair" (for real),  but also reviews of Alien 3, Lucky Number Slevin, and Silent Hill; two of these are requests, and one is a companion piece to The Social Network.

The goal is to clear my plate and make room for the avalanche of research I must do in order to prepare for the 2010 Crypticon/Chateau Grrr Celebrity Dinner.

Last year's event was such a hit that in early November, Chad and I will return to Minnesota to host an evening of fine food and conversation with horror icons and their fans.  This year should be a lot of fun, as the guest list features Dee Wallace (E.T., The Howling), Jeffrey Combs (Re-Animator, From Beyond), Bruce Abbott (Re-Animator, Bad Dreams), and Sean Clark (The Black Waters of Echo's Pond).

Looking at these peoples' filmographies makes me sweat, and it'll take a lot of sleepless nights to get up to speed--on top of my need to write about every movie I see (self-obligations are the worst).

I hope you're up for some serious review readin'!

Take care, everyone.

P.S.  The event will be open to the public, though ticket information has not been posted as of this writing.

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