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Don't Be Absent for "Absentia"!

Doug Jones Brings His New Horror Film to Chicago!

Gang, there are few guarantees in life, but I'm about to make one now:

No matter what plans you have for Saturday, October 8th, they suck compared to the recently announced Midwest premiere of Absentia at Chicago's Friendly Towers: Deep Hope Screening Room.

How do I know this will be a great night?

As you can tell from the image above--and this post's spoilerific sub-heading--actor extraordinaire Doug Jones will be in attendance!

You may know him as "Abe Sapien" from Hellboy, "The Faun" from Pan's Labyrinth, "The Silver Surfer" from Fantastic Four 2, or simply as "Jerry". But on October 8th, you'll know him as a lively, hilarious host when he greets fans, signs autographs, and talks about his career. In addition to Absentia, Deep Hope will be screening a selection of Doug's short films.

To learn more about this amazing event, and to purchase tickets (only $10!), visit TicketLeap.

For a complete rundown of Doug's ridiculously prolific career, check out his IMDb page.

Hope to see you there!

Oh, I almost forgot to mention something...

After the show, I'll be interviewing Doug Jones for Chateau Grrr! It's not the Q&A interview mentioned in the flyer, but a brief, post-screening chat (I guess the onus is on me to come up with reaaally engaging and original questions!).

If there's something you've always wanted to ask one of the Gentlemen (Where my Buffy peeps at?), drop me a line and I may just include it!

In preparation for our sit-down, I will be watching and reviewing several of Doug's movies over the next month, as well as new releases and my regular roundup of randoms.

Special thanks go to Chad Hawks for making the interview possible.

The Particulars:

Saturday, October 8 @ 7pm
Friendly Towers: Deep Hope Screening Room
920 W. Wilson Avenue
Chicago, IL

Note from Wildclaw Theatre:  The Deep Hope Screening room is affiliated with a Christian community center that some of the event planners are members of. If attending/sharing information about this event, please be respectful of the spiritual beliefs of others as well as the space being provided.

Image courtesy of Deep Hope Productions and Horrorbles.

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