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The KtS Interview: Cory Udler

I'm proud to present Kicking the Seat's first interview! Last November, writer/director Cory Udler sat down with me at Crypticon Minneapolis for this spirited discussion of his life as an independent filmmaker. Chad Hawks, formerly of Chateau Grrr (and the forthcoming Studio Boo) filmed the chat, which took place in front of a live and lively audience (mostly crewmembers from Swamphead and horror host Dr. Ivan Cryptosis).

The timing of this interview is crucial: In just over fifty hours, Cory's Indie GoGo campaign for IDS Rising will close. The project will live or die by contributions from generous fans of weird, indie cinema, and every dollar counts (each donation level carries a special incentive, too).

Likely, you never aspired to an "Honorary Producer" credit on the third Incest Death Squad movie, but my hope in posting this interview is to encourage support for a truly passionate visionary--and to show those who've questioned my enthusiasm for the first two films that their creator is not a drooling, illiterate maniac.

I hope you enjoy the discussion, and I look forward to posting another sit-down in the near(ish) future.

Thanks, as always, and take care!

Update: The IDS Rising IndieGoGo campaign has ended.

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