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F Breast Cancer!

It would be really nice if the only “Big C” in the world was “Cinema”, but the universe is full of cruel, unpredictable garbage, like cancer. Fortunately, there are noble souls like Patrick and Erika Bromley out there, who use their talents to make things better for everyone.

Not only is Patrick the proprietor of F This Movie, one of the internet’s most consistent (and consistently obsessive) movie-review sites, he’s also the kind of guy who would enlist family and friends for an 18-hour film podcast to benefit cancer survivors and promote awareness.

That’s right, beginning at 8am CST this Saturday, July 9, F This Movie kicks off almost a full day of incredible, live movie talk,* which will double as a drive to support The Magnolia Tree Foundation. Magnolia Tree was the vision of Alexa Rodheim Cutler, a teacher and water polo coach at Elk Grove, IL’s Elk Grove High School. A friend and inspiration to many, including the Bromleys, Alexa passed away in March of 2016 after a courageous two-year battle with triple negative, BRCA1 positive breast cancer. The mission of The Magnolia Tree Foundation is to educate and provide financial assistance to those affected by the BRCA mutation.

F This Movie and Magnolia Tree are accepting donations via a GoFundMe campaign, which you can contribute to now and throughout the show. All donations, small to not-so-small, go directly to the Foundation, and are greatly appreciated. And if you’re listening at 4pm, you might just hear a certain seat-kicker on F This Movie’s critics round table, discussing the ins and outs of the craft!

For anyone who has fought cancer or fought alongside someone fighting cancer, this fun, uplifting, and important event is not to be missed!

See you Saturday!

*The show will stream directly from F This Movie's website.

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