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Bad Santa 2 (2016)

I'd almost forgotten what politically incorrect comedy looked like. Not the easy, faux-liberal raunch of Sausage Party, with its winking, eighth-grade assaults on morality and diversity. I'm talking about deliciously angry material that could've been conceived at a rehab facility or a Trump rally. Bad Santa 2 is the real deal, a coal-hearted film so eager to flip off anyone who dares show interest that its very form seems as burdened by existence as its protagonist. The plot is an off-center Xerox of part one: randy, alcoholic safe-cracker Willie Soke (Billy Bob Thornton) teams with diminutive double-crosser Marcus (Tony Cox) and his own equally repugnant mom (Kathy Bates) to rip off a children's charity (Tip: Nocturnal Animals is still playing, if you crave complex story mechanics). The jokes mostly land, fortunately, and Oscar-winners Thornton and Bates give these cartoons a z-axis, making their characters' twisted family drama actually hurt.