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Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey (1991)

The first thing I noticed were the boots. In the utopian future of Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey, everyone wears spongy, Duplo-block boots to match their spongy, crayon-colored outfits. That's great for a costume designer's sketchbook, but why would anyone in the reality of Peter Hewitt's misbegotten sequel make their carefree lives so difficult to navigate? That footwear is key to understanding Bill & Ted's downfall--not the one orchestrated by a grumpy revolutionary who sends cyborg doppelgangers back in time to assassinate the dim-witted rock-gods-in-training. No, our heroes are undone by Xeroxed script beats, a mandate to dial up the obnoxiousness, and a production best described as "cash-infused aesthetic overkill". Ironically, the only life in this film is Death (William Sadler), who never quite shakes a humiliating board-game-tournament defeat. I can see why the original title, Bill & Ted Go to Hell, got nixed: too on the nose.