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Christine (2016)

CIFF 2016: As modern lore goes, there are few stories more mysterious or more chilling than that of Christine Chubbuck, the 29-year-old Florida reporter who committed suicide on the air in 1974. The footage was never released, and a relative handful of people actually witnessed the event as it happened. If you come to Antonio Campos’ drama Christine expecting a slice of sensational ghoulishness, you’ll be sorely disappointed. If, however, you’re up for a deep-cutting portrait of depression, ambition, and what it means to stand at the forefront of a mass-media tidal wave, you’ll devour Rebecca Hall’s performance and Craig Shilowich’s insightful screenplay. Unforgettable supporting turns by Tracy Letts, Michael C. Hall, and Maria Dizzia underscore Christine as a prescient film that mirrors our present-day struggle to connect with one another in a world that values achievement and sensationalism over healing and humanity.