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Colin Hay: Waiting for My Real Life (2017)

The question to ask about former Men at Work frontman Colin Hay isn't, "Where is he now?" It's, "Who is he now?" In the unconventional rock doc, Colin Hay: Waiting for My Real Life, co-directors Aaron Faulls and Nate Gowtham catch up with their subject on the road, decades after his mega-stardom burned out. They find a musician reinvented, a jovial but pained storytelling strummer whose journey toward creative liberation really began at the end. Gowtham and Faulls front-load their narrative with a Men at Work primer and fan testimonials by the likes of Hugh Jackman, Guy Pearce, and Sia. Most of the run-time, though, centers on Hay creatively channeling his brutal introspection while playing to modest crowds. Late in the film, a lawsuit over "Land Down Under" forces the artist to reckon with his previous incarnation. I rooted for Hay to get back to his real life, already in progress.


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