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Gun Shy (2017)

I don’t wonder how a film like Gun Shy gets made. I wonder about the tipping point, that moment during production when myriad little problems with script, direction, performances, etc., swell into a capsizing torrent of mediocrity. Director Simon West has made big, mainstream movies before, as have stars Antonio Banderas and Olga Kurylenko. And it looks like few expenses were spared in telling the story of a washed-up rock star and his ex-super-model wife who get mixed up with kidnappers, the CIA, an off-kilter mercenary, and the world’s sleaziest talent agent while vacationing in Chile. But the concept feels yanked from the shelf about twenty years too late, and the humor is a puzzlingly flavorless puree of okay British comedy, dick jokes, and Trump-as-president sight gags. Someone paid handsomely for a movie that wound up largely bypassing theatres. But not nearly as much as those who might watch it.