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Suicide Squad: Extended Cut (2016)

Once again, I'm left to question the wisdom of WB's brain-trust. Twice this year, they've released messy, over-long, big-screen adaptations of DC Comics properties, only to follow up with even longer, slightly more satisfying versions on home video. Suicide Squad was a gargantuan misfire from the word "Go", but the movie benefits from a few well-placed character interactions that add weight to all the superfluous bombast. The world-destroying witch machine still makes zero sense, and deep state puppet master Amanda Waller's rationale for bringing these oddball knives to the meta-human gunfight only becomes more problematic on second viewing. But we get a few more colorful interactions between the titular black-ops criminals; the Harley Quinn/Joker romance is moderately less creepy and far more linear; and a brief but crucial insert finally reveals Midway City's evacuation effort. Omitting this connective tissue in the first place was clearly the call of a madman.