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Terminator 2: Judgment Day 3-D (1991 / 2017)

Who can say why Studio Canal has re-mastered, re-worked, and re-released Terminator 2 on its twenty-sixth anniversary? Whatever the reason, you should make time to catch James Cameron’s more-than-a-sequel on the big screen. The film still pops with incredible acting, ideas, and special effects (making the new 3D upgrade superfluous but unobtrusive), and the director’s "tinkering" with a couple of problematic shots doesn't come near George Lucas' infamous “Special Edition” shenanigans. Arguably, Linda Hamilton’s performance and the script by Cameron and William Wisher remain the film’s biggest draws. Add to this the modern twin contexts of a global landscape saturated with conflict and a mainstream cinema landscape starved for meaning, and this touching, time-traveling-robots thriller assumes levels of meaning that Cameron could not have predicted in 1991. No one will remember 2015’s half-assed reboot Terminator Genisys in twenty-six years, but I guarantee we’ll be back for Judgment Day’s fifty-second anniversary.