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Unbroken Glass (2016)

Aging allows us to appreciate the lives our parents led before we entered the picture. Even if we never knew them (or never knew them enough), it can be comforting to believe that our shortcomings, triumphs, obsessions, and secrets are, at least in part, reflections of lineage instead of mere cosmic accidents. Documentary filmmaker Dinesh Das Sabu’s mother and father died when he was just six years old. Unbroken Glass is his attempt to understand who they were by interviewing friends, extended family, and the siblings who raised him. Not far beneath the sensational draw of colliding cultures, schizophrenia, and domestic abuse is a subtextual rabbit hole that questions how much of our lives is predicated on DNA, versus determination. Introspective but not indulgent, investigative but not exploitive, Das Sabu draws on specific experiences in addressing our universal need to confront and embrace ourselves for the sake of future generations.

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