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Vampyres (1974)

There’s a lot more to Vampyres than the cheap thrill of watching voluptuous, bisexual blood-suckers stalk prey in the English countryside. Okay, “a lot” may be pushing it, but director José Larraz and writer Diana Daubeney rise above mere soft-core erotica by presenting their children of the night as eternally bored predatory animals. For Fran (Marianne Morris) and Miriam (Anulka), sex and dismemberment are but a means to momentary relief from a life spent in the bowels of their broken-down castle, forever dodging the sun and horny motorists’ pick-up lines. Throw in a handful of unsolved mysteries that hint at a sinister history we’ll never see, plus running commentary by a pair of voyeuristic vacationers (one skeptical that anything odd is afoot, one drawn to the seductresses she sees skulking about the woods), and you have a dreamy 70s mash-up of Hellraiser and Blue is the Warmest Color.