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Wish Upon (2017)

A friend asked how I could recommend seeing a garbage movie like Wish Upon in theatres—as opposed to waiting for VOD, cable, or piracy. My advocacy of John R. Leonetti’s cursed-antique thriller comes with a list of caveats longer than the film's 90-minute run-time. So here are three: First, it’s fun to watch the charismatic cast, who’ve shined in other projects, make lemonade from a script soaked in that other yellow liquid. Second, the premise (an evil music box grants a teen's wishes, to disastrous effect) lends itself to vicious supporting characters who side with the audience in calling out our alleged protagonist’s silly, selfish actions. Lastly, the experience of collectively watching big ideas, complicated emotions, and gruesome deaths get teased and discarded in favor of watery, PG-13 mall horror makes Wish Upon feel like a raucous college course in half-measure filmmaking. Group laughter is more gratifying than solitary tears.


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