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Ep214: HALFWAY to Your Dreams

The Kicking the Seat Podcast is in a movie! After a successful run on the festival circuit, Ben Caird's drama Halfway, starring The Blind Side's Quinton Aaron, debuts on-demand this Friday via Urban Movie Channel (as well as Amazon, Roku, and various other digital platforms). In this episode, Ian reunites with Matt Lazar to interview producer (and Matt's childhood friend) Jonny Paterson, who spares no details in recounting his film's unconventional journey from concept to completion.

How did a Carnegie Mellon business major end up working for a top Hollywood producer, and then forming his own production company? How does one maintain a positive attitude when facing competition and setbacks in pursuit of showbusiness dreams? And just how the hell did this happen:

The answers to these questions and more await in Episode 214!

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