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Ep220: The Charles Band Cinematic Universe?

The summer's most anticipated sequel is here! Yes, less than a year after its predecessor lulled audiences into a hash-hazed stupor, Charles Band's Evil Bong 666 has crash-landed on VOD! Mark "The Movie Man" Krawczyk once again joins Ian on mic to dissect the further adventures of Rabbit, E.B., The Gingerdead Man, and whoever the hell Robin Sydney plays in this one!

Surprisingly, the sixth installment of Full Moon Features' no-budget franchise is one of the best yet, and Ian and Mark talk about exactly what that means. Is Charles Band really building an intricate cinematic universe to rival that of big-budget bohemoths Marvel and DC?

Also, Ian gives a shout-out to former guest and present Emmy winner Jim O'Heir, and reminds Chicagoans of comedian Dylan Brody's one-man show, Dylan Brody's Driving Hollywood, which begins a two-week run tonight at the Apollo Theatre!

Yes, Episode 220 is a fun but deadly-serious defense of a possessed-bong movie. No, we're not high.

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