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Ep312: A Tale of Two Movies

Today, The Kicking the Seat Podcast reconnects with nature and talks to writer/director Nick Alonzo, cinematographer Nicholas Daniel Sledge, and Assistant Director Greg Nico Garibay about their new film, The Art of Sitting Quietly and Doing Nothing (which debuts this Friday at Chicago's Nightingale Cinema*).

The movie centers on Carl (Alex Serrato), a despondent twenty-something who ventures deep into the woods following a bad break-up. Leaving convenience and human interaction behind, Carl must face the inescapable and unflattering internal conflicts that called him to the wilderness.

Sticking with the theme, Ian gets into the thick of it with Nick, Sledge, and Greg, who open up about The Art of Sitting Quietly's inspiration and execution; the pros and cons of film school; overrated directors; and much, much more--including the amazing story of why they had to shoot the film twice!

If you're thinking about making your own damn movie (as Mr. Kaufman might say), this conversation will give you several jolts of reality, encouragement, and inspiration.

Also, Ian talks about Shout! Factory's recent Blu-ray release of Dr. Detroit, and reminds listeners that the sixth annual Chicago Critics Film Festival invades the Music Box Theatre this Friday!

Episode 312 leads a life of quiet desperation!

*If you're thinking, "Didn't this movie premiere a few weeks ago?" It was supposed to, and the untold story of that ill-fated Friday the 13th is just one click away!

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