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Ep380: Everything is Okay

Today, the Kicking the Seat Podcast and Keeping it Reel's David Fowlie play around with The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part! Mike Mitchell's follow-up to Lord & Miller's 2014 smash hit finds Emmett, Wyldstyle, and friends confronted with an apocalyptic menace that is far from "awesome". They embark on a perilous journey through time, space, and glittery princess castles to learn the truth about the hordes of cutesy-yet-destructive toys threatening their very reality.

How does the sequel stack up to the other three Lego Movie movies?* Is Warner Brothers in danger of hitting Brick Fatigue? And how deep to the messages go in this ostensibly light bit of family escapism? The guys stick their hands deep in the Lego bucket for this one!

Also, Ian talks about a couple of exciting Chicago premiere events happening this weekend: the Bosnian biker doc Among Wolves opens at The Music Box Theatre, with exciting guests, panels, and screenings taking place throughout next week. And Michael Glover Smith's Rendezvous in Chicago premieres at the Gene Siskel Film Center, with Smith and select members of the cast and crew participating in audience Q&As after each screening!

Episode 380 build this city with Lego bricks!

*Everyone forgets Ninjago!

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