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Ep410: Rub & Tug

Today, The Kicking the Seat Podcast welcomes Jon Espino of and The Young Folks to clean the carpet of Disney's new live-action take on Aladdin! The guys compare the classic 2D animated film with Guy Ritchie's unnecessary head-scratcher of a lame musical in this spoilerific chat that includes detours into identity, a defense of Will Smith's jolly blue Genie, and utter confusion regarding Ritchie's filmography!

Also, Ian talks about Bob Byington's latest film, Frances Ferguson, which screens this weekend at the Seattle International Film Fest, and plugs his latest appearance on the 90 Under 90 Podcast where he breathes new life into Mannequin with Dan and Jeremy Eden!

You ain't never had a friend like Episode 410!

Show Guide:

Intro Music: 0:00 - 0:15

Intro: 0:15 - 4:49

Aladdin Trailer: 4:49 - 7:01

Aladdin Discussion: 7:01 - 1:04:18

Outro Music: 1:04:18 - 1:04:33

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