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Ep445: Big Vegan

Today, the Kicking the Seat Podcast and Keeping it Reel's David Fowlie chow down on two new food docs opening soon. Yeah, it's a bit early, but we want to make sure you plan your double-feature accordingly, as these films offer very different approaches to a profoundly important topic.

First up is The Game Changers, which follows UFC champion James Wilks on a quest to understand how some of the world's most elite athletes soared past expectations after adopting a plant-based diet. Then, the guys talk about Morgan Spurlock's Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken, in which the documentarian/showman opens a fast food restaurant in order to better understand and expose insidious industry practices.

This wide-ranging talk encompasses the guys' thoughts on perspective and balance in documentary filmmaking; their own complicated relationships with food and fitness; and how the strengths and shortcomings of both movies form one compelling narrative and a unique audience experience.

Also, Ian urges you to check out Brian Rose's eerie doc, When I Last Saw Jesse, which premieres this Saturday at the Gene Siskel Film Center!

Episode 445 is an impossible whopper of entertainment!

Show Guide:

Intro Music: 0:00 - 0:14

Intro: 0:14 - 3:28

Super Size Me 2 Trailer: 3:28 - 5:11

The Game Changers / Super Size Me 2 Discussion: 5:11 - 1:28:46

Outro Music: 1:28:46 - 1:29:02

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