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Ep130: Not For Today, But For All Time

This week, the Kicking the Seat Podcast explores the Windy City with Chicago Film Tour’s Patrick McDonald! Neither the cold, nor the construction, nor the NFL Draft traffic could keep Ian and a busload of cinephiles and rained-out Cubs fans from enjoying the Chicago landmarks that made some of their favorite films even more magnificent.

Afterwards, Ian and Pat sat down to discuss the tour’s history, the city’s future, and Patrick’s second-act transformation into the “Über Critic”.*

Also, Ian touches on the upcoming Chicago Critics Film Festival (May 20-26 at the Music Box); last weekend’s conquering box office hero, Captain America: Civil War; and the new George Clooney finance-and-hostages drama, Money Monster. Strap in and get your cameras ready, ‘cause we’re headed to Sweet Home Chicago!

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*Patrick McDonald is everywhere. Need proof? Just try keeping up with all his film-tastic exploits on Twitter,, Film Autonomy, and the Lou Dickman Podcast. He's also in a comedy troupe and a band. And be sure to check out Chicago Film Tour on Twitter and Facebook, and reserve yourself a seat by calling (312) 593-4455!

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Ep129: Hey, Good Lookin'!

This week, the Kicking the Seat Podcast sidles up to Marc Abraham's new Hank Williams biopic, I Saw the Light. Artist, musician, and bona fide Hank-Head Charlie Baruffi joins Ian to talk about what the movie got right, where it fell short, and to speculate on whether or not the music legend's tumultuous life can ever really be captured on film. These pastures are full of spoilers, so watch your step.

Also, Ian teases a few titles from next month's fourth annual Chicago Critics Film Festival, which promises to be the biggest one yet!

(Psst! Passes are on sale now!)

Episode 129 has enough boozy, twangy, hard-hearted goodness to fill a jukebox--or as we call 'em around these parts, "good times"!

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Ep128: A TWISTED Talk with Director Andrew Horn!

Much like disco, sitting still really sucks! The Kicking the Seat Podcast just wants to rock, and we're going all out for our glorious return! This week, director Andrew Horn joins Ian to discuss his phenomenal documentary, We Are Twisted Fucking Sister! ahead of its exclusive one-night engagement at Chicago's Music Box Theatre on February 22. The guys talk about Andy's unconventional approach to telling the story of one of the 1980s' biggest rock bands, and how Twisted Sister's journey mirrored his own in putting the film together.* 

Also, Ian explains the podcast's brief hiatus, invites you to get involved with the show, and recommends the fun and informative YouTube channel of a young film critic who goes by "Luke Nuke 'Em"!

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*In the interview, Andy mentions a couple of scenes/clips that didn't make it into the final film or the DVD extras. The first is a clip from the director's previous documentary, during which he met Twisted Sister guitarist Jay Jay French. The second shows the band engaging the audience during a concert.

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Ep127: Into the Sunset

As 2015 draws to a close, so does the KtS Podcast. For this unexpected final installment, Ian welcomes back Aaron Christensen from Horror 101 with Dr. A.C. to discuss the 70mm Roadshow Engagement of The Hateful Eight (which they caught at The Music Box, of course). The guys discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly of Quentin Tarantino's latest, along with the merits of big, big screens.

Ian also explains why he's mothballing the show, and gratefully gives props to some of this year's amazing guests, guest hosts, and, of course, the podcast's fantastic listeners (if anyone out there is reading this and/or listening to this, please know that you're loved--regardless of whether or not Captain Sleepypants [Ian] had the wherewithal to mention you by name).

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Ep126: First Order of Business

The biggest movie of 2015 is upon us, and our very own Jedi council returns to discuss J.J. Abrams' Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens!This installment caps off a five-month journey of detailed discussions concerning all things Star Wars, and we hold nothing back in breaking down the series' triumphant return to form.

In other words...

If you have not yet seen the film, DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE! 

As an added treat, Ian, Gari, Bill, and Charlie welcome newcomer Kevin to the show. His truly unique perspective on the franchise helps bridge the gap between decades-loyal fans and those whose familiarity with Star Wars largely comes from the collective pop consciousness. This is one hell of a conversation, folks, and we do hope you enjoy it!

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Seriously, this is your last chance. If you have not yet seen the film, DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE! Turn back now!!!

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