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Ep39: It's a Wonderful Podcast with KAROLYN GRIMES!

It's Christmas Eve, and Santa's come early! Not only has jolly ol' St. Nick delivered a brand-new episode of the KtS Podcast, but we're honored to share our second celebrity-guest interview for the month of December! Last weekend, Ian sat down with Karolyn "Zu Zu" Grimes of It's a Wonderful Life fame at the fabulous Hollywood Palms Cinema in Naperville, IL, to discuss the legacy of the holiday classic, her dramatic career change, and the much-rumored sequel!

And what would a Christmas episode be without a genuine holiday miracle? That's right: you can once again stream this episode right from your Internet browser, without having to download it from iTunes (though we'd love it if you subscribed there, as well).

Remember, George: No man is a failure who listens to the KtS Podcast!

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Ep38: A CHRISTMAS STORY Stories with CASEEN & the IANs!

Happy holidays, everyone, and welcome to a very special episode of the KtS Podcast! This week, Ian is joined by Caseen Gaines, author of the fabulous new book, A Christmas Story: Behind the Scenes of a Holiday Classic, and actor Ian Petrella, who played "Little Brother Randy" in A Christmas Story!

This lively chat includes tales from the "Christmas Story House" in Cleveland, Ohio; a loving look at celebrity geekdom; and information on how you (yes, you!) can win a signed copy of Caseen's comprehensive retrospective!*

If you don't enjoy this episode, Daddy's gonna kill Ralphie!

*No, you can't learn about the contest on the "Contests" page. That would just be silly! Also, the contest is open only to residents of the continental United States, and ends at midnight on Friday, December 13th, 2013.

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Ep37: Happy Thanksgiving! / CATCHING FIRE on Facebook

After months in the wilderness of technical difficulties and canned movie chats, The KtS Podcast is back, baby!

Today, we give thanks for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, a movie that left Ian, Matt, and Graham with more to chew on than a fridge-full of holiday leftovers!

Also, Ian reads the transcript of a Hunger Games Facebook dust-up, battles his cat's aggravating indecision, and fumbles his way through more promotions of upcoming events. So strap in, won't you, for this weaponized cornucopia of fun!

P.S. Here are links to information about the two movie events mentioned at the end of the episode. All apologies for Ian's embarrassing ignorance as to how commercials work:

Medora (Screenings in Champaign and Chicago, IL December 4th and 5th--with filmmaker Q&A!)

A Christmas Story (30th Anniversary Screening in Wheaton, IL December 4th--with spcial guests!)

May the Audio Be Forever in Your Favor!



It's hard to write a snarky intro when the movie at hand is 12 Years a Slave, so we won't even go there.

This week concludes our unofficial "Lost Episodes" series, and finds Ian and Matt talking about Steve McQueen's powerful, challenging epic. There's also an awards-season update, a eulogy for the ill-fated "Summer Fret-rospective", and a plug for the Studio Movie Grill's 30th anniversary screening of A Christmas Story on December 4th (in addition to the one you just read).

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Thanks, and take care!

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Ep35: GRAVITY: Hey, At Least It's Still in Theatres!

The battle to recover our lost episodes continues with a long-overdue roundtable discussion of Alfonso Cuaron's blockbuster masterpiece, Gravity!

Also, even if Ian weren't hamstrung by review embargoes, he wouldn't be able to tell you about it. And Spike Lee's Oldboy remake can't get here fast enough.

These and many more egregious attacks on conventional wisdom await in this week's poorly written love-letter to the movies!

Note: The tech gremlins strike again! Due to an entirely new issue, this episode is listen-able through iTunes only. Clicking the link below will begin the download, rather than starting the episode in a new window. Whenever this mess is resolved, I'll re-post the show so everyone can enjoy. Thanks for your patience!

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