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Ep101: Eating Crowe

The KtS Podcast returns from vacation and heads to Hawaii with Cameron Crowe's latest, Aloha! Ian and Matt dig into the film's fruits and failures, and play armchair psychologists while presuming to know what it's like to direct a major motion picture!

Also, Ian apologizes for last episode's lengthy intro, and recommends a new short film from co-creators Neal Fischer and Kevin Kirchman, called Moment (which you can watch online for free at The Online Film Festival's website). Aloha may not offer much fun under the sun, but Episode 101 has got it made in the shade!

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Ep100: Centipod

The KtS Podcast is 100 episodes young this week! To celebrate, actor/writer/editor Aaron Christensen joins Ian for a legitimately classy chat about The Human Centipede 3: Final Sequence!

Super-nice, mega-talented, and impossibly versatile, Aaron has contributed to HorrorHound Magazine; starred in one of Ian's favorite movies of 2012, Dead Weight; and edited Hidden Horror, the Rondo Award-winning must-have reference for fright-film junkies. He writes as "Dr. A.C." on the movie-review blog Horror 101, and is one of three people on Earth Ian felt comfortable engaging in a conversation about Tom Six's medically accurate mutilation trilogy.

This episode may not change anyone's mind about watching a Human Centipede flick, but we're dispelling myths and giving the series its due here--leaving personal taste as the only remaining barrier to entry.

Also, Ian gives a shout-out to all the wonderful folks who've made "Centipod" possible; invites listeners to win* a copy of Hidden Horror (signed by the good Doctor himself); and recommends Mark Krawczyk's The Spoiler Room Podcast while we take a much-needed vacation next week.

Yep, we've stitched together quite a show for our 100th installment. You'll want to be at the front of the line for this one!

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*Unlike our other contests, this one won't show up on the "Contests" page. You've gotta listen to win! I know, right? So unfair...

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Ep99: One Man Leaves

This week's KtS Podcast goes beyond the Thunderdome to discuss George Miller's outrageous Outback epic, Mad Max: Fury Road! The opinions fly fast and furious in our longest, most guest-filled episode yet! Join Ian, Matt, Graham, Denitsa, and first-time podcaster Tom as they wax psychotic on topics such as metal music, misandry, and what's missing from most summer blockbusters!

Also, a member of the KtS family sets off to find his own Green Place but, like Max, promises to return. Episode 99 is the hero you didn't know you needed!

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Ep98: Cuddle Buddies

This week, The KtS Podcast presses "Pause" on summer blockbusters to discuss a modern family classic. Thats' right: no mutants, monsters, or "miracles" here. We're talking Paddington! Ian and Graham were blown away by Paul King's lush, live-action take on the big-hearted bear, and they go into why it stands out as true art in a sea of cynical, feature-length toy commercials.

Also, Ian shares some info on upcoming events at the Gene Siskel Film Center and the Music Box Theatre--including the fantastic Carroll Spinney documentary I Am Big Bird; the Argentinian meta-marvel, El Critico; and a special May 27th screening of UHF with "Weird Al" Yankovic and director Jay Levey in person!

Somehow, Episode 98 also manages a few jabs at JEM, some wishful thinking regarding Mad Max: Fury Road, and vulgarity that guarantees parents will not play this spoilerific chat during carpool!

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This week, podcasting's mightiest heroes assemble! And in another room down the hall, Ian and Graham talk about Avengers: Age of Ultron. The guys find more cracks than wall in Marvel's latest mega-franchise offering, and wonder how long this brand of off-the-rack filmmaking will be acceptable to audiences who literally show up for anything.

Also, Ian talks about tonight's exciting screenings at The Chicago Critics Film Festival, and urges everyone in the Midwest to run, drive, and teleport to the North Side's fabulous Music Box Theatre for the last two nights of the fest! Episode 97 is a smashing good time that's sure to leave you "mighty Thor"!*


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