Kicking the Tweets

Ep54: The Amazingly Divisive Spider-Man / Love That Chicken!

This week, we usher in Summer 2014 with a round table discussion of The Amazing Spider-Man 2! It's an epic battle of yawns versus enthusiasm, as Ian, Matt, and Graham debate whether or not Marc Webb's reboot sequel brings anything new--or even worthwhile--to the table. At least, we think that's what they're talking about; it's hard to hear anything over their Popeye's Chicken lunch!

Also, Ian stumps relentlessly for the upcoming Chicago Critics Film Festival; badgers listeners into voting for Hidden Horror in this year's Rondo Awards; and competes with himself by plugging The Arts Section on WDCB radio (90.9fm Chicago)! Join us in untangling this sticky web of aural shenanigans!

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Ep53: 2014 Summer Movie Preview (Part 2)

Let the bracketing begin! That's right, the KtS Podcast is back with part two of our 2014 Summer Movie Preview. Ian, Matt, and Graham place their non-bets on silly season's front-runners, flops, and sleeper hits--all for the privilege of saying they were once good at something!

Also, Ian pimps this weekend's star-studded Ebertfest in Champaign, IL, previews the upcoming Chicago Critics Film Festival (May 9-15 at the Music Box), and announces his spiffy, new radio gig on WDCB!

It's official, kids: winter's dead, and things are heating up!

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Ep52: 2014 Summer Movie Preview (Part 1)

Not even winter's last (?) gasp can stop Part One of our Summer Movie Preview! Join Ian, Matt, and Graham as they discuss the upcoming popcorn season, chase down trends, and predict blockbuster box office.

Also, Ian dabbles in the art of on-the-road introductions (Spoiler Alert: it doesn't go well), and plugs next week's Bottle Rocket screening at Wheaton, IL's Studio Movie Grill, and the Second Annual Chicago Critics Film Festival in May.

Start powering down your brains, kids: silly season is almost upon us!

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Ep51: Club Cutaneous

This week, Ian and Graham tackle Under the Skin, starring Scarlett Johansson! As always, spoilers abound, so be sure to check out Jonathan Glazer's new sci-fi mind-bender at an arthouse theatre near you--and then listen in on one of our liveliest chats yet! The movie opens today in select theatres nationwide, so don't miss your chance to catch it on the big screen!

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Ep50: The Worst Avenger

After an unintentional hiatus, the KtS Podcast returns with a vengeance--or as we like to call it, "Episode 50"! Join Ian, Matt, and Graham for a lengthy, spirited discussion of Marvel's latest blockbuster, Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Also, Ian glosses over two celebrity deaths and urges listeners to turn off this podcast in favor of another one. Maybe someday, he'll get the hang of this whole "marketing" thing.


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