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I'm very pleased to announce that our good friends at have launched their very own film podcast, Press Play! Following the 3-D IMAX premiere of Terminator Genisys at Navy Pier on June 29th, host Adam Fendelman moderated a panel of professional movie critics, including Lee Shoquist (, Patrick McDonald (, Mark Dujsik (Mark Reviews Movies), and li'l old me! What happens when five movie geeks have a decidedly different take than the Terminator die-hards who waited in line for hours to see the latest blockbuster? Press Play, and find out!

If you like the episode, and want to see more great content from their upcoming video game podcast, Press Start, and a fully re-designed website--please donate to their IndieGoGo campaign. Every dollar counts, and the perks include a chance for you to program and participate in a future episode of Press Play and/or Press Start!


Ep104: Consensus on Consciousness

Things get touchy-feely on this week's KtS Podcast as Ian, Matt, and Denitsa discuss Pete Docter and Ronaldo Del Carmen's delightful new film, Inside Out! Is this really a kids' movie? Where does it rank in the Pixar canon? And is there a cookie-cutter element to some of the characters that subtly keeps Inside Out from achieving greatness? With heads and hearts engaged, we dive into these questions and more!

Also, Ian explains the recent lack of written reviews (sort of) and plugs some cool events and projects which you can participate in. Don't be angry, sad, disgusted, or scared--Episode 104 is truly a joyous occasion!

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Ep103: Kill Your Babies

This week, Ian sits down with Dan and Jeremy Eden to discuss their new film, I Hate Theatre!* What's it like bringing an indie farce from stage to screen? What are the challenges of working creatively with family? How do artists navigate an explosive social climate when producing politically incorrect material? The answers to these questions and more await in this lively and enlightening discussion!

Also, Ian has info on this Saturday's Penelope Spheeris double-feature at The Music Box; a game-changing IndieGoGo campaign from our good friends at; and the KtS Podcast's exciting new partnership with Stitcher!

Not for the faint of heart, Episode 103 tackles morality, mints, and movie-making mayhem!

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*If you'd like to check out I Hate Theatre!, head over to Vimeo, where both the theatrical and extended cuts are available to watch for free!

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Ep102: Jurassic Park 4

This week, the KtS Podcast plunges into the raptor paddock for an impassioned discussion of Jurassic World! Do summer blockbusters play by different rules than “real” movies? Can someone appreciate Jurassic World without having seen Jurassic Park (or vice versa)? And when did product placement transition from insidious to necessary? These questions and more will be answered (kinda) as tempers flare, series continuity is mis-remembered, and the very nature of this show is called into question!

Also, Ian has info on the Music Box Theatre's upcoming double-feature of The Decline of Western Civilization Parts I & II, hosted by director Penelope Spheeris--as well as Shout! Factory's DVD/Blu-ray release of the Decline trilogy box set.

Unleash your inner Indominus as Episode 102 dances on the edge of extinction! 

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Ep101: Eating Crowe

The KtS Podcast returns from vacation and heads to Hawaii with Cameron Crowe's latest, Aloha! Ian and Matt dig into the film's fruits and failures, and play armchair psychologists while presuming to know what it's like to direct a major motion picture!

Also, Ian apologizes for last episode's lengthy intro, and recommends a new short film from co-creators Neal Fischer and Kevin Kirchman, called Moment (which you can watch online for free at The Online Film Festival's website). Aloha may not offer much fun under the sun, but Episode 101 has got it made in the shade!

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