Kicking the Tweets

Ep45: Not Everything is Awesome

This week, Ian and Matt break down The Lego Movie brick by brick to discover the awesomeness (or lack thereof) inside. With two very different opinions on the table, can there be peace in the (Lego) valley tonight?

Also, Ian flash-mourns Shirley Temple and Sid Caesar, puts in a good word for the incredible anthology Hidden Horror, and rides high on a cocktail of Ambien and the Robocop remake! Episode 45 must be heard to be believed!

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Ep44: Incomparable

We lost one of the greats last weekend, and episode 44 of the KtS Podcast pays tribute to Philip Seymour Hoffman. Join Ian, Matt, and Graham as they discuss the actor's career, question whether he actually had any peers, and debate the relevance of how he died in the greater conversation.

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Ep43: Old-Time Hockey with THE HANSON BROTHERS!

This week, Ian and Graham put on the foil to chat with Slap Shot's lovable goons, The Hanson Brothers (Jeff Carlson, Steve Carlson, and Dave Hanson)! From growing up in arctic Minnesota to fame, fans, and questionable action figures, the guys leave everything on the ice (er, table)!

Episode 43 of the KtS Podcast also features a mini-roundtable review of Slap Shot, as well as Ian's quasi-coherent ramblings about January movies and 5-Hour Energy drinks. Enjoy!

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Ep42: JON HEDER (Yessssss!)

Actor Jon Heder (Napoleon Dynamite) joins us on this very special episode of the KtS Podcast to discuss the role that made him famous, his ambitions behind the camera, and how being true to his values has helped him navigate stardom! Also, stick around for details on some great upcoming events at the Hollywood Theatres and The Music Box!

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Ep41: HER and His

This week, the Knights of the KtS Roundtable take on Spike Jonze's mind-bending and controversial new movie, Her. Is the film misogynist, or are some irate Internet journalists just looking for a fight? And is this primarily a story of ideas or emotions? For these great questions and more (along with with quasi-answers peppered throughout the gushing), check out Episode 41!

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