Kicking the Tweets

Ep32: 2013 Summer Fret-rospective, Part 2

This week, we look back on the movies of June in the off-beat, overblown season that was summer, 2013. Yes, this acid trip down memory lane not only includes fond reminiscences of Man of Steel and The Heat, but also features crying toddlers, brand-mascot Twitter accounts, and an update on the Chicago International Film Festival!

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Ep31: 2013 Summer Fret-rospective, Part 1

Greetings, Old Sport!

Won't you sit a spell and listen to the first of many jovial recollections concerning the delightful blockbuster season that was Summer 2013?

Daisy and Nick won't be joining us this evening. But my fine, fine colleagues Ian, Matt, and Graham are more than happy to talk about the marvelous movies of May! Sure, some tempers will flare amidst the laughs, but in the end we're all well-to-do lifelong friends who can all agree that Star Trek Into Darkness was fucking garbage.

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Ep30: The World's End / A New Beginning

Geez, this episode is even later than usual! Thanks to file-uploading issues that no one cares about, our monumental thirtieth installment is now a week and a day past due (at least!). Fear not, kids. We still have a packed show for you, featuring a discussion of Edgar Wright's The World End, as well as a few words about last week's big announcement.

Enjoy the festivities, and check back next week for part one of our Big Summer Rewind!

(Yeah, despite what you'll hear in the monologue, Matt, Graham, and I do have a plan for the long, dead days of September.)

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Ep29: The Act of Killin' It!

You'll wanna bust out the happy pills for this episode, kids. Ian, Matt, and Graham discuss Joshua Oppenheimer's haunting documentary, The Act of Killing, which raises questions about objectivity versus subjectivity; the role of Western entertainment in a global context; and whether or not a movie this depressing can really be on anyone's "favorites" list.


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Ep28: This Episode Does Not Kick Ass

This week, they guys take a break from talking about movies they'd promised to discuss, and roll with a lively review of The Spectacular Now. You won't want to miss this very special episode, which is packed with premature applause, semi-nudity, and more begging for contest entrants!

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