Kicking the Tweets

Ep27: Elysium / Stick a Fork in Me

Yep, we're back again already--this time with a roundtable discussion of Neil Blomkamp's would-be sci-fi allegory, Elysium! Best yet, Graham actually saw the movie!

Tune in for a hard-hitting look at actors acting versus directors directing actors (it'll all make sense soon); the fallibility of interplanetary security systems; and whether or not Matt Damon's stupid metal suit was necessary or just something cool to put on the poster.

Plus: utensils strike back!

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Ep26: The To Do List / Uh-Lee-See-Um

This week, generations clash as Matt and Graham discuss The To Do List and Ian devolves into an old, prudish grandpa. Also, Ian teases an upcoming interview while also begging for it shamelessly--mostly because he's half out of his mind with a cold!

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Ep25: Claws and Gripes Forever! / Investing in Silver

Esteemed guests: In honor of our landmark twenty-fifth episode, Ian, Matt, and Graham break out their finest champagne to discuss a film whose Truffaut-quality symbolism will surely usher in the Platinum Era of filmmaking.

Just kidding! We're talking about The Wolverine.

Yay, or something...

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Ep24: Pacific Ream / A Little Nothing Extra

This week, Matt and Graham discuss the merits of Pacific Rim, while Ian presses "Record" and contemplates suicide.

Also, do Turbo and R.I.P.D. deserve to have the bomb squad called on them? And just how many Indiegogo campaigns/contests can one site support? I guess we'll find out...together.

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Ep23: Podgecast / The End of Civilization?

Well, this is awkward. Due to technical difficulties, you'll hear commentary about The Lone Ranger before reading the actual KtS review!

This week, Ian, Matt, and Graham talk about the three movies they saw over the July 4th holiday. And, no, we didn't see the same films--which makes this episode weirder than normal.

Thrill to Matt giving Ian a courtroom-quality grilling on the merits of The Lone Ranger! Marvel at Matt's ability to under-sell (and then genuinely sell) Despicable Me 2 as a worthwhile experience! Celebrate as Graham and Ian find comfort in one another's appreciation of pseudo-guilty-pleasure, World War Z!

Plus, stay tuned for the last leg of Ian's Adam Green Apology Tour, and flying ants!

Yes, flying ants!

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