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Ep15: Oddly Great and Powerful with Matt and Graham!

Welcome to Wonderland, kids!

(Sorry, I meant to say "Oz"!)

This week's episode finds your host even more fatigued than usual, but hopeful for the future. It also marks the first of (hopefully many) roundtables with guests Matt Lazar and Graham Sher!

Join us for a discussion about Oz the Great and Powerful, the Disney-fication of blockbusters in general, and an exploration of the "Sloppy Tandoori"!

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Ep14: "VFX Side Story" with Graham Sher!

Who loves tangents? I love tangents! And after episode fourteen, you will, too!

This week, artist Graham Sher joins me for what was supposed to be a fun chat about the Music Box Theatre's 70mm presentation of West Side Story, but which immediately detours into lively rants about Kevin Smith, the plight of visual-effects artists, and the fate of 90210.

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Ep13: Old-School-High-Def "Vertigo" with Dave Lopez!

This week, I dive into Vertigo with friend and artist Dave Lopez. We caught a packed-house screening at the Music Box Theatre's 70mm Film Festival Tuesday night and sat down the next day to gush, critique, and wax psychotic about Alfred Hitchcock's classic, paranoid thriller.

Now for some housecleaning: This episode was recorded with my fancy, new Zoom H4n (a painful but necessary purchase that resulted from the Don Coscarelli debacle). The sound quality is much improved from previous episodes, but I'm still experimenting with splicing everything together in Audacity. Hopefully, you won't notice any wonkiness. Feel free to let me know if you do.

Also in this episode, I gave a shout-out to my brother's podcast, CHYEAHcast!, which is accessible via the hyperlink you just read past. It's not for the faint of heart, but you certainly won't be bored.

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Ep12: Don Coscarelli / Kicking the Seat Dies at the End

You've probably noticed the lack of activity around here this week. Fear not, faithful seat-kickers! I've been marathon-ing the films of Don Coscarelli in preparation for this very episode!

That's right, the filmmaker behind Phantasm, Bubba Ho-Tep, and the spectacular John Dies at the End spoke with KtS about his brilliant, hard-fought career in the movie biz! Now, before you get all crazy, please note that, due to some technical difficulties, the first few minutes of the interview were lost to noise; I cover a lot of that in the intro, before launching into what turned out to be a very fun, funny, and informative conversation.

All apologies to Mr. Coscarelli for not being able to share the uncut awesomeness with his fans. On the plus-side, I've finally committed to purchasing some professional Goddamned recording equipment to ensure this never happens again!

As a friendly (if overly-excited) reminder, Don will appear at Chicago's historic Music Box Theatre this weekend to present double features of John Dies at the End with Bubba Ho-Tep (Friday 2/8) and Phantasm 2 (Saturday 2/9)! Come on out for some great flicks, a rousing Q&A, and the chance to meet one of the nicest guys to ever dream of brain-sucking, interdimensional orbs! Get tickets and additional info at the Music Box Web site.

Hope to see you there!

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Ep11: 12:30am with Neal and Dave Fischer!

Happy New Year! Like everything else on this site, that salutation is really, really late. But don't hold that against me--or against my guests: Neal Fischer, director of Once Upon a Rom-Com: The Bill Pullman Story, and his brother, Dave Fischer, creator of the video game blog Random Slice of Gaming. We sat down last week to talk about Kathryn Bigelow's Zero Dark Thirty, mere moments after watching the film.

A nutty schedule kept me from posting this sooner, and I get into that a bit during the intro. Feel free to skip right past that first thirty minutes and head straight into the conversation. I'm not gonna stop you from listening to my scattered thoughts on movies, which are buried under layers of personal complaints, odd plugs for Dave Ramsey's financial programs, and an off-the-cuff love letter to the iPhone. But if you press "Play" with the hope that my diatribes have gotten tighter, I humbly thank you for the faith and regretfully send it back, unwarranted.


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