Kicking the Tweets

Ep17: The Flops of Summer, 2008 / Sell Everything!

This episode is all kinds of jacked-up, and I'm not even talking about the subject matter!

As me, Matt, and Graham continue our march towards silly-season at the movies (which kicks off with next week's Iron Man 3), we wax psychotic about 2008's biggest summer flops: Meet Dave, The Love Guru, The Happening, and Speed Racer.

Oh, and my life-and-death struggle with technology rages on. Yay!

Click, Speed Racer! Click!


Row, Row, Row Your Boat Gently Through the Basement

Hey, Everyone! Floodmageddon 2013 prevented us from recording a new podcast yesterday. But we'll be back next week with a look at 2008's summer flops.

Stay dry 'til then, and take care.


Ep16: 2008 Summer Blockbuster Retrospective

It's April, Everyone! Prepare to be showered by new episodes of the KtS Podcast!

That's right, I said "epsiodes". Today kicks off a multi-part retrospective of 2008's big summer movies by me, Matt, and Graham. Thrill to our slobbering adoration of Iron Man, our shrugging respect for Wall-E, and our amnesiac struggles to remember much of anything about Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull!

If that's not enough, stay tuned for our ultra-geeky dissection of that year's biggest movie, The Dark Knight!

And be sure to join us next week, when we'll dive into the mega-flops of the 2008 popcorn season. It should be quite The Happening!

Click here to change things...forever!


Ep15: Oddly Great and Powerful with Matt and Graham!

Welcome to Wonderland, kids!

(Sorry, I meant to say "Oz"!)

This week's episode finds your host even more fatigued than usual, but hopeful for the future. It also marks the first of (hopefully many) roundtables with guests Matt Lazar and Graham Sher!

Join us for a discussion about Oz the Great and Powerful, the Disney-fication of blockbusters in general, and an exploration of the "Sloppy Tandoori"!

As always, we appreciate your tuning in. Feel free to spread the word on iTunes, your favorite message boards, or during your daily stroll through the prison yard!

Your journey begins here!


Ep14: "VFX Side Story" with Graham Sher!

Who loves tangents? I love tangents! And after episode fourteen, you will, too!

This week, artist Graham Sher joins me for what was supposed to be a fun chat about the Music Box Theatre's 70mm presentation of West Side Story, but which immediately detours into lively rants about Kevin Smith, the plight of visual-effects artists, and the fate of 90210.

As always, you can rate, review, and subscribe to the KtS Podcast on iTunes and follow all the site's various goings-on at our Facebook page.

Thanks again, and take care! 

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