Kicking the Tweets

Ep58: A MILLION WAYS TO DIE...with Guests!

This week, we look at a movie so forgotten by its own studio that I couldn't even find a high-res image to butcher for this post! Yep, Seth MacFarlane's box office cow pie A Million Ways to Die in the West is on the chopping block!

It's not all doom and gloom, though, as Ian and Matt welcome new guests Rosa Zhang and Denitsa Kosharova to the roundtable--making for one lively discussion of a not-so-great film.

And if you're hungry for more aural KtS goodness, be sure to check out WDCB radio's The Arts Section this Sunday morning at 8--where Ian will discuss The Fault in Our Stars and The Sacrament with co-host Gary Zidek!

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Ep57: X-MEN: Dave of Future Past

The KtS Podcast busts out the Heinz for its mutagenic 57th episode! Join Ian and returning guest Dave Lopez for an embarrassingly gushy recap of X-Men: Days of Future Past! Also, Ian reminds everyone that there's a contest on, and humbly plugs Kicking the Seat's new "WDCB Radio" page!

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Ep56: Destroy All Anniversaries!

Godzilla's rampage pales in comparison to Ian and Matt's takedown of Gareth Edwards' empty new blockbuster. That's right, Episode 56 finds the guys cleaning up after the puzzlingly successful and critically acclaimed disaster (of a) movie.

Also, Ian kicks off his ten-year wedding anniversary with a lovely if utterly uncomposed dedication to the girl so cool she married him in a movie theatre. And we conclude with a friendly reminder to check out The Arts Section at 8am this Sunday on Chicago's WDCB radio (90.0 FM), where Ian will discuss X-Men: Days of Future Past and Chef with host Gary Zidek!

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Ep55: Your Friends and NEIGHBORS

This week, the guys talk about Nicholas Stoller's smash comedy, Neighbors. Who liked it? Who loved it? Who's putting up their house to get away from it? Maybe no one, but you'll have to listen to find out!

Also, Ian crawls out a fog to plug his new radio gig, and promises to stop talking about the amazing, just-wrapped Chicago Critics Film Festival--until next year. So settle in for another quality episode of picket fences and nonsense--otherwise known as "Episode 55"!

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Ep54: The Amazingly Divisive Spider-Man / Love That Chicken!

This week, we usher in Summer 2014 with a round table discussion of The Amazing Spider-Man 2! It's an epic battle of yawns versus enthusiasm, as Ian, Matt, and Graham debate whether or not Marc Webb's reboot sequel brings anything new--or even worthwhile--to the table. At least, we think that's what they're talking about; it's hard to hear anything over their Popeye's Chicken lunch!

Also, Ian stumps relentlessly for the upcoming Chicago Critics Film Festival; badgers listeners into voting for Hidden Horror in this year's Rondo Awards; and competes with himself by plugging The Arts Section on WDCB radio (90.9fm Chicago)! Join us in untangling this sticky web of aural shenanigans!

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