Ep22: Bridesmaids in Heat!

From the ashes of our most agreeable episode rises a lively debate over the merits of Paul Feig's blockbuster comedies The Heat and Bridesmaids! Can movies made for and about women actually be misogynist? Is humor truly in the eye of the beholder? Will Ian and Matt still be friends by the end of the episode?

The answers to these burning questions, as well as Graham's almost-analysis of The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, await in Episode 22!

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Ep21: Monsters University / Kumbayacast

What's more exciting than three film nerds getting along in front of a microphone? Everything, really, which might make this the least (and by "least", I mean "most") controversial episode of the KtS Podcast in its illustrious, 21-volume history!

Hell, even that's just hyperbole meant to drum up some excitement about this week's chat--which finds Ian, Matt, and Graham discussing the plusses and plusses of Monsters University. Sure, Matt tries to shake things up a bit by almost coming up with something negative to say, but he's quickly drowned out by a din of tambourines and hugs!

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Ep20: Men of Steel

Rest easy, kids. The KtS Podcast hasn't missed out on the entire summer! Sure, we've skipped what would have surely been epic discussions about Star Trek: Into Darkness, Fast & Furious 6, and After Earth, but at least Man of Steel didn't slip through our fingers!

Check out this spoilerific episode to hear Ian, Matt, and Graham demolish Zack Snyder's Lycra-draped, 9/11-era Christ allegory, and thrill to the sounds of Ian fumbling sleeplessly through half-points about expensive coffeemakers, James Gandolfini's passing, and the joys/horrors of taking a kid to the movies for the very first time!

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Ep19: Three Men Iron Stuff Out

Well, that was unexpected! Not only did Iron Man 3 turn out to be one hell of a film, it also sparked a spirited discussion on the new KtS podcast! Join me, Matt, and Graham as we debate the existence of subtext in Shane Black's blockbuster three-quel; the importance of geography in popcorn flicks; and the superfluousness of Sir Ben Kingsley!

Fair Warning: This is a spoilersode right out the gate. If you haven't seen Iron Man 3 yet, and don't want every plot-point ruined by a geek-out more heated than regenerating Extremis limbs, please don't listen!

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Ep18: The Mid-Majors of Summer 2008 / Where's Graham?

Pull the emergency brake, gang: The KtS Podcast is about to fly off the rails! This week, we wind down Summer 2008 retrospective with a look at the Mid-Majors (Kung-Fu Panda, The Incredible Hulk, Wanted, and everybody's favorite Will Smith movie, Hancock)!

Along the way, we debate the pseudo-science of predicting blockbusters and busts, talk about a movie contest you can't enter, and somehow manage to lose Graham for half the episode.

Dad or grad, friend, or foe, atheist or Jedi--you don't wanna miss this paean to professional podcasting!

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