Kicking the Tweets

Ep10: Rooting out "Life of Pi" with Matt Lazar!

If I'd waited another month to roll out episode ten, I might've been able to convince you that the podcast had simply gone quarterly--instead of rattling around in my buzzing but somehow extremely lazy brain.

But, nooOOOooo! Friend, co-worker, and all-around film nut Matt Lazar had to step up and practically demand that we do a show together. Well, here's that show. We saw Ang Lee's Life of Pi last Wednesday, and recorded part of the episode then and part of it the next day, over lunch.

It's a fun discussion, if you can get past the Golden Nugget restaurant's Bon Jovi ambiance and, later, the intrusive masticating on my part as I tried to spew venom through a mouthful of fried turkey-corndog breading.

Enjoy the episode and check, whenever you want. Chances are, there won't be a new installment when you do. But stranger ships have sailed, I guess.

Thanks for listening!

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Ep09: Once Upon a Rom Com / Dredding the Master

What do you get when you cross the gifted, hilarious cast of the play Once Upon a Rom Com: The Bill Pullman Story with an interviewer whose idea of dinner is a slice of pizza and a 5-Hour Energy shot?

I don't know; I'm too afraid to listen. But that shouldn't stop you from enjoying this lively conversation with director Neal Fischer, writer Brian Work, and stars Philip Platakis, Jeremy Eden, Madalyn Mattsey, Bev Bailey, Amanda Bloom, and Bryan Schmiderer!

It's very important that I mention their names here, for reasons that will become all to0 clear once you listen to the episode--an episode, by the way, which is now available on iTunes, along with the rest of Kicking the Seat's eight-episodes-strong podcasting armada!

Enjoy this week's show, and please tell everyone you know to check out Once Upon a Rom Com at 7:30pm, every Wednesday through Halloween at Chicago's Gorilla Tango Theatre!

Catch ya!

Correction: In this episode, I mistakenly state that Bill Pullman appeared in The Ring. I meant to say The Grudge, of course. Hey, at least I got half the title right, right?

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Ep08: Patty Mullen / Burning Bridges, Planting Seeds

This one's a real barn-burner, a true testament to the importance of sleep and professional broadcast training.

In addition to a great little interview with the lovely, incomparable Patty Mullen (Frankenhooker, Doom Asylum), you'll also hear my delirious, half-baked thoughts on event planning; a non-review of the controversial The Innocence of Muslims trailer; and an impossibly incompetent plug for a new stage play.

It doesn't get much better than this, folks. Apologies in advance.


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Ep07: Medicine Head / Naked Unprofessionalism

As you'll soon hear, I recorded this podcast on Thursday, right before a terrible cold knocked me on my ass. In this week's episode, I interview the lovely and talented girls of Gorilla Tango Burlesque; talk up the delirious wonders of the twenty-two-hour day; and yell incoherently at Internet pirates who've crippled two great films in one week.

Special thanks to Jerry at Wizard World for coordinating my press pass for last weekend's packed comic convention, and to Kelly at GTB for arranging this interview.

Thanks for listening, and enjoy the show! Now, back to bed...

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Ep06: Did I Say "Next Week"? / Endless Summer Knights

By popular demand, the Kicking the Seat podcast returns with a vengeance!

Well, not really. But that sure sounds exciting, doesn't it? Click the link below to hear my thoughts on the episode that almost was, the state of 2012's summer movie slate, and some half-awake plugs for three super-cool events taking place in Chi-town this weekend!

This is an interview-free edition, but I'll be back next week with some really cool guests. Today is all about resurrection and whining. 


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