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The KtS Interview: Adam Bartlett and John Pata

Hey, Everyone! If you've followed my Facebook/Twitter frenzy,* you know that I attended the world premiere of Adam Bartlett and John Pata's incredible new thriller, Dead Weight on Friday night. Oshkosh, Wisconsin's Time Community Theatre hosted a sold-out crowd who gave the cast and crew a fantastic reception.

After the show, I sat down with John and Adam in the balcony for a brief chat about the production of the movie and some of their influences as filmmakers. Chad Hawks of Studio Boo (formerly Chateau Grrr) is the reason you are able to see and hear what we talked about--so, big ups to him for filming and editing this piece.

Two points of interest: First, I open the interview by saying "We're back", which implies having returned from somewhere. I recorded a pre-show introduction to the interview, and grabbed a few words with the guys prior to this sit-down--all of which will be packaged in a sweet little Dead Weight Premiere piece later this week.

Second, if it looks like we're a little too cozy in that balcony, it's because there wasn't a whole lot of space to work with. One of my arms was laying on top of Adam's the entire time, bringing a new definition to the term "intimate interview". No regrets, though, kids; only cherished memories.

Congratulations for having read all this (if, in fact, you have). Please, don't forget to check out for more information about screenings, and Head Trauma Productions to order yourself a copy of this terrific movie.

Thanks, as always, and take care!

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