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Ep120: LOVE in the Time of NOÉ

This week, Ian chats with one of his cinematic heroes, writer/director Gaspar Noé! His new movie, Love, may be an art-house 3D porn film that sparked controversy at Cannes, but it also continues the filmmaker's tradition of pushing emotional boundaries as well as graphic ones. In this brief interview, Noé discusses the thematic connections that permeate Love, Irreversible, and Enter the Void, and explains how both the 3D technology and his casting of an American leading man were accidental but integral parts of his latest work.

Love opens this Friday at Chicago's Music Box Theatre,* along with another incredible film that Ian talks a bit about (check back in a couple days for written reviews of both).

Bust out your ecstasy and fire extinguishers, gang, 'cause Episode 120 starts now!

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*The Music Box screenings of Love will be in 2D, but, as Ian explains, those are more than enough dimensions to get what Noé's going for.

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