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Ep72: Fifty Shades of Summer 2014

We roll with the punches here on the KtS Podcast! What was supposed to be a Summer 2014 Box Office Bonanza ended up just being plain bananas--with wide-ranging discussions of everything from the new iPhone to Bulgaria's cynical film industry to the upcoming big-screen adaptation of 50 Shades of Grey.

So put down that beach-lit erotica and join us in the Red Room of movie chats! Episode 72 starts now!

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Ep71: NOAH Time Like the Present / Bus Stop Rules

Episode 71 wades through the dreary, late-summer sweat to look back at Darren Aronofsky's under-appreciated spring blockbuster, Noah. Join Ian and Graham as they talk about the controversies surrounding the film, as well as their mutual surprise at how unexpectedly entertaining it is. Yeah, they kick things off with Emmy death talk and comparisons between dogs and children--but everything leads back to the big damned boat (we promise!).

Ian also plugs the latest KtS Contest, teases his upcoming review of The November Man on WDCB radio, and shares a heartbreaking story of the Tommy Wiseau interview that didn't happen!

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Ep70: Dames to Kill For!

We're doing things a little differently for episode 70: Ian sat down with two of the stars from Sin City: A Dame to Kill for, Patricia Vonne and Crystal McCahill, to talk about the latest big-screen adaptation of Frank Miller's hard-boiled comics series! You'll hear about their journeys to Sin City, what it's like to film an action movie in an airplane hangar, and find out what's next on the horizon!

If you're in the Chicagoland area this weekend, be sure to swing by Naperville's fabulous Hollywood Palms Cinema (where this interview took place) and meet Patricia, Crystal, and co-star Rosario Dawson!

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Ep69: LET'S BE Five-year Olds

Not only is Let's Be Cops one of summer 2014's worst movies, it's also the topic of our hottest discussion yet! Join Ian, Matt, Graham, and Denitsa as they talk through their survivor's guilt, and become an accessory to ear-murder as Matt karate-chops our roundtable in half!

Also, Ian plugs some amazing upcoming events in Chicagoland, including Tommy Wiseau live at The Music Box (Wednesday and Thursday), The Girls of Sin City 2 at Naperville's Hollywood Palms Cinema (Friday through Sunday), and Dave Canfield hosting Deliverance at Studio Movie Grill Wheaton (next Tuesday)!

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Ep68: Round Robin

To cope with what has become a too-common occurrence in 2014, the KtS Podcast offers up this round-table tribute to Robin Williams. Join Ian, Graham, Denitsa, and Matt, as they share their experiences of joy, frustration, and admiration for a great talent who left us too soon.

We reference a few things in the chat that are worth spotlighting here. First is the WTF Podcast episode in which Marc Maron interviewed Williams a few years ago. Second is a beautiful piece on Williams' passing, written by Dann Gire of the Daily Herald.

Lastly, here's the number to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: (800) 273-8255. Someone's always there to listen, if you have nowhere to turn.

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