Kicking the Tweets

Ep76: Old 'STELLAR

This week, Ian and Matt blast off into the unknown with a lengthy discussion of Christopher Nolan's Interstellar! Secrets will be revealed, plot points will be spoiled, and the guys' age-old rivalry over The Dark Knight will be rekindled (sorta)! Also, Ian explains why he'll have even more free time on his hands this holiday season, and adds "Twitter followers" and "Facebook likes" to his Christmas list!

Time and space lose all meaning on episode 76 of the KtS Podcast, so strap in and look to the stars!

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Ep75: The Unexpected Virtue of Diamonds

Kicking the Seat turns 75 with a bang (and a bird)! This week, Ian and Graham take flight with Alejandro Iñárritu's Birdman, while braving the horrors of an office Halloween party. Also, Ian announces his departure from WDCB Radio--Vaguebook-style--and pimps two new, super-simple contests!

Warning: This episode contains spoilers, so if you haven't seen Birdman yet...well, what's wrong with you?!

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Ep74: Too Far GONE

It's Cinematic Support Group Week on the KtS Podcast, as Ian and Graham talk through their issues with Gone Girl. How could two ardent David Fincher fans walk away so puzzled and sad? Whether you nod in agreement or shake your head in disbelief, episode seventy-four is sure to be one of our most divisive yet!

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Ep73: Son of Podgecast!

Let's face it: The KtS Podcast will likely never do a proper summer wrap-up. The fates conspire against us at every turn, and now we're jumping headlong into fall. So it goes.

This week, Ian, Matt, Graham, and Denitsa talk a little bit of everything--Soderbergh's new re-scored, black-and-white cut of Raiders of the Lost Ark; the Rapture; Arrow, Gotham (sorta); Godzilla; the Chicago Blackhawks; and God knows what else. Strap in for the terrifically tangent-tinged Episode 73!

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Ep72: Fifty Shades of Summer 2014

We roll with the punches here on the KtS Podcast! What was supposed to be a Summer 2014 Box Office Bonanza ended up just being plain bananas--with wide-ranging discussions of everything from the new iPhone to Bulgaria's cynical film industry to the upcoming big-screen adaptation of 50 Shades of Grey.

So put down that beach-lit erotica and join us in the Red Room of movie chats! Episode 72 starts now!

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