Kicking the Tweets

Ep96: He's Been Usin' Brand X!

On today's episode, Ian and Graham get trashy with trailer talk as they dive into the recent glut of summer-movie previews and fan rumors. How much info is too much to give away? Do movie studios really know what they're doing, or should we listen to the Dorito-dust-doused-fanboy speculation that Josh Trank's Fantastic Four is Dr. Doomed to failure?

Also, Ian provides his semi-weekly reminder about the upcoming Chicago Critics Film Festival, and raves about Gorilla Tango Theatre's newest parody, Thunderballs: A James Bond Boylesque! In a world...where darkness reigns...and evil...stalks the land...Episode 96...shines...a...light!

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Ep95: We Knew Gabriel Pasternak, Too!

This week, the KtS Podcast plumbs the deepest depths of gallows humor with Wild Tales, Damián Szifrón's rousing revenge anthology. Ian, Matt, and Graham break down the film with spoilerific adoration, while butchering the Spanish language in ways guaranteed to make all of Argentina cry!

Also, Ian can't contain his excitement about next week's Chicago Critics Film Festival, and shares an exciting new Kickstarter project called Innsmouth, featuring horror photographer Joshua Hoffine, makeup effects artist J. Anthony Kosar, and modern sci-fi icon Doug Jones! All that plus a contest, and a few words about Bio-Dome's Blu-ray debut! Episode 95 is packed to the gills and ready to thrill!

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Ep94: Vin Number

It's all about family this week, as's Adam Fendelman joins Ian and Graham to discuss Furious 7! One likes it. One doesn't. One hasn't seen a Fast and Furious flick since part four! Who will win this white-knuckle street race of ideas? You, dear

Also, Ian talks up the latest KtS Contest, teases Thursday's big Chicago Critics Film Festival announcement, and remembers a slew of horror-movie celebrities who passed this week. The KtS Podcast kicks into high gear with Episode 94!

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Ep93: Baking Bond w/ Jeremy Eden and Kaitlin Fleharty!

The KtS PODCAST gets high on Chicago's Gorilla Tango Theatre, as creators Jeremy Eden and Kaitlin Fleharty sit down with Ian to discuss their upcoming shows, Thunderballs: A James Bond Boylesque and High Five: The Very Best of Marijuanarama (both opening on 4/18)! Learn how these two creative juggernauts found burlesque parody (and each other!) in this lively chat that covers writing, choreography, and criticism.

Also, Ian talks about the latest KtS Contest and counts down to the Third Annual Chicago Critics Film Festival!

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Ep92: Born Every Minute

Once again, Graham talks Ian down from the ledge as the guys discuss David Robert Mitchell's indie-horror sensation, It Follows. Have they both seen it? No, but that doesn't hinder a robust conversation on the waning effectiveness of genre films.

Also, Ian forgets to wish Graham a "Happy Birthday" on air; promotes his movie-reviewing mistress, the upcoming Chicago Critics Film Festival; and talks about his deeply personal connection with Arthur Penn's hippie manifesto, Alice's Restaurant (now available on blu-ray from Olive Films). The only way to shake Episode 92 is to pass it along to someone else!

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