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Ep247: Pod Mentality

Today, the Kicking the Seat Podcast examines another classic film from a fresh perspective! Cole Rush of had never seen Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather before last week. Joining Ian and Cole on this monumental journey is Erin Maturo of Erin Maturo Photography (who’d only watched the film once).

What do Ian’s guests, who came of age in a media landscape saturated with Godfather references and knock-offs, make of the crime drama that started it all? What has Ian learned from revisiting the Corleones at different stages of his life? And why can’t anyone understand Marlon Brando’s cotton-mouthed Don, even with the volume cranked to “100”?

The answers to these questions and more--along with our not-so-secret plot to make the Internet an offer it can’t refuse--are just a click away!

Also, this week marks the first anniversary of, and Ian has details on several giveaways to help you celebrate!

Episode 247 always sits in the back when someone asks to “take a little ride”!

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Ep246: The Motormouth City

This week, the Kicking the Seat Podcast welcomes back's Pat “The Über Critic” McDonald for a look at two societal pressure-cookers masquerading as movies. First up is John Avildsen’s 1970 drama Joe, starring Peter Boyle and Dennis Patrick as frustrated, middle-aged, middle-class men waging a secret war on hippies. The second is Kathryn Bigelow’s Detroit, which is out now and centers on a flashpoint of that era’s brutal Civil Rights struggle.

This is a free-wheeling and wide-ranging conversation that covers everything from race and politics; to the definition of second-wave feminism; to the pitfalls of after-market DVD purchases. Also, Ian teases the podcast’s return to a relentless (some might say ridiculous) schedule.

Note: If you want to avoid spoilers for Joe (and newcomers absolutely should), fast forward at the 41:00 mark and resume the episode at 54:02.

Start drawing up those protest signs: Episode 246 has a lot to say!

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Ep245: DARK, SICK Yippies

This week, the Kicking the Seat Podcast and's Pat "The Über Critic" McDonald shoot with their hearts while discussing the latest Stephen King adaptation, The Dark Tower! This slim epic starring Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey as time-space-hopping personifications of good and evil opens this weekend, and the guys get into what makes the film work for King novices--and what makes it kind of stink for King fans.

Also, Pat and Ian deliver a sorta-sequel to Episode 236, with a different take on Michael Showalter's The Big Sick.* Plus, Pat has info on the first-ever YippieFest, a three-day creative extravaganza that hits Chicago's Prop Theatre on August 18th.

Episode 245 has totally forgotten the name of its father!

*Read (and listen to!)'s conversation with The Big Sick stars Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon, featuring interviewers Patrick McDonald and Jon Espino!

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Ep244: Kennel of Truth

Today, Ian talks with New York Times best-selling author W. Bruce Cameron about his series of wildly popular, dog-centric novels. Lasse Hallström's big-screen adaptation of Cameron's first such book, A Dog's Purpose, debuted earlier this year and was the subject of a damaging media controversy.

Cameron talks about a bit about the resolution of that scandal, but the thrust of this insightful and inspiring conversation is his latest book, A Dog's Way Home, which hit stores in May. Ian asks about the very specific choices the author made in building connections between canine protagonist and reader; how Cameron transitioned from writing humor books like 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter to family pet stories; and the key to nailing time and place in a wilderness adventure without getting lost in the detours.

Episode 244 will fetch you a big bone of contention with a sloppy, wet kiss!

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Ep243: Alien Overcoat

Today, Ian blasts off with's Peter Sobczynski for an in-depth exploration of Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets! How does writer/director Luc Besson's lifelong passion project fare in the translation from cult comic book to big-screen blockbuster? Could this earnest, space-hopping sci-fi adventure capture audiences' imaginations--or is it destined for obscurity and eventual re-discovery? This discussion covers several aspects of a film that is at once extraordinary, exhausting, and existential in its ambitions.

Also, Ian urges listeners to pick up the graphic novels on which Valerian is based, and suggests an unconventional double-feature this weekend.

Episode 243 is a podcast of a thousand ideas (and some of them are actually good!).

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