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Ep139: HIGH 5 on July 5!

This week, the Kicking the Seat Podcast lights one up for Charles Band's Evil Bong: High 5! Yes, there are now four Evil Bong sequels, and Ian enlists Mark "The Movie Man" Krawczyk to help cut through the fog. Is there really something to this series about a diabolical, dimension-hopping ganja gangsta, or is it just a ploy to nab couch change from stoners who don't mind a little racism and homophobia blended into their sitcom antics?

Also, Ian talks a bit about Shout! Factory's new release, Endgame, and reminds listeners to tune in this weekend for F This Movie's epic, 18-hour* Podcastathon, which benefits The Magnolia Tree Foundation's fight against breast cancer. 

Someone better call the cops, 'cause Episode 139 has too much junk in the skunk!

As always, you can keep up with the latest seat-kicking goodness by following, liking, rating, and subscribing to us on TwitterFacebookiTunes, and Stitcher! And be sure to subscribe to Mark's YouTube channel, which celebrates ten amazing years this month! You'll find hundreds of reviews there, including The Movie Man's exhaustive video series on the Evil Bong and Gingerdead Man franchises, and their cookie-cutter cross-over, Evil Bong Versus Gingerdead Man! He's also a contributor to We Live Film, and hosts his own regular (and regularly awesome) podcast, The Spoiler Room!

*In the episode intro, I mistakenly refer to the Podcastathon as being "a day and a half". Math was never my strong suit.

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