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Ep195: Reflections in an UNBROKEN GLASS w/ Dinesh Das Sabu

The Kicking the Seat Podcast has featured many filmmaker interviews in its nearly two hundred episodes, but Ian was quite literally unprepared for his conversation with Dinesh Das Sabu. Today, the first-time director opens up about his spectacular new documentary, Unbroken Glass, ahead of an exclusive week-long engagement at the Gene Siskel Film Center.

Dinesh's parents died when he was very young, and Unbroken Glass chronicles his search for the truth about their troubled lives. This alternately heartfelt and shocking cinematic journey delves into schizophrenia, cultural identity; and the realization that our parents were people before we entered the picture. This episode is a companion piece to the movie, covering a wide range of topics such as Dinesh's early days at Kartemquin Films; the challenges of interviewing family members; and how people's attitudes about talking on camera have evolved (or devolved) in the last couple decades. 

This installment begins with a shout-out to Mr. Patrick Bromley, whose F This Movie! Fest 6 was a resounding success last weekend, and ends with a few words about Ian's tour of the Kartemquin Films office (photos at the end of the post).

Episode 195 finds strength in vulnerability, thanks to an exciting new voice in film!

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"Camera #1", proudly displayed in the office of Kartemquin Films' co-founder, Gordon Quinn

"Hoop Dreams" became a reality on this editing suite.

"Unbroken Glass" director Dinesh Das Sabu and Ian, standing in front of one award-winning mantle!

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