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Ep404: Film Not Found

Today, the Kicking the Seat Podcast teams up with David Fowlie of Keeping it Reel and Don Shanahan of Every Movie Has a Lesson to bid a fond "See Ya Soon (Maybe)" to the heroes of Avengers Endgame! Joe and Anthony Russo's conclusion to Infinity War hits all the beats, and then some, giving diehard fans a lot to cheer for, cry over, and think about.

But how does Endgame stack up as a film? Is taking it seriously like expecting Car & Driver to rate the road-worthiness of a Six Flags roller coaster? The guys kick off the show with their spoiler-free reactions, and then dive in to an elaborate, secrets-spilling discussion.

'Round here we call that a spoiler warning!

Also, Ian talks to Movie Madness host Erik Childress about the seventh annual Chicago Critics Film Festival, which takes over the Music Box Theatre from May 17th through the 23rd, and talks about how Decaf Don and Avengers Endgame relate to Bret Easton Ellis's controversial new book, White. Part book review, part film criticism, part political coming-out party, you won't want to miss this hot take on current events. 

Episode 404 could do this all day!

Show Guide:

The Paradox: 0:00 - 0:15

Intro Music: 0:15 - 0:30

Intro: 0:30 - 3:29

Chicago Critics Film Festival Preview w/ Erik Childress: 3:29 - 19:20

Intro (Ct'd): 19:20 - 20:47

Avengers Endgame Trailer: 20:47 - 23:13

Avengers Endgame Discussion: 23:13 - 1:46:13

Interlude Music: 1:46:13 - 1:46:28

White Book Review/Commentary: 1:46:13 - 2:04:27

Outro Music: 2:04:27 - 2:04:57

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