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Ep450: Phantoms and Fragility

Today, the Kicking the Seat Podcast celebrates 450 episodes with two eye-opening interviews! Last week, Ian sat down with director Brian Rose, following the Siskel Center premiere of his astonishing documentary, When I Last Saw Jesse. The guys talked about the inspiration for the film; getting to know the family of a missing person; and what it takes to get a grass-roots indie seen in the ultra-competitive film festival landscape.

But first, comedian Jim Gaffigan returns to talk about his revelatory dark-side turn in Derrick Borte's thriller, American Dreamer. What happens when a rideshare driver decides to rip off the drug dealer who's hired him for the evening? Find out when the film hits VOD this Friday. In the meantime, enjoy a quick chat in which Mr. Gaffigan talks about auditioning, playing against type, and what keeps him motivated through his crazy showbiz life!

Episode 450 is just getting started!

Show Guide:

Intro Music: 0:00 - 0:14

Intro: 0:14 - 3:26

Jim Gaffigan Interview (American Dreamer): 3:26 - 18:43

Intro Ct'd: 18:43 - 20:42

Transition Music: 20:42 - 21:40

Brian Rose Interview: 21:40 - 1:26:36

Outro Music: 1:26:36 - 1:26:52

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