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Ep195: Reflections in an UNBROKEN GLASS w/ Dinesh Das Sabu

The Kicking the Seat Podcast has featured many filmmaker interviews in its nearly two hundred episodes, but Ian was quite literally unprepared for his conversation with Dinesh Das Sabu. Today, the first-time director opens up about his spectacular new documentary, Unbroken Glass, ahead of an exclusive week-long engagement at the Gene Siskel Film Center.

Dinesh's parents died when he was very young, and Unbroken Glass chronicles his search for the truth about their troubled lives. This alternately heartfelt and shocking cinematic journey delves into schizophrenia, cultural identity; and the realization that our parents were people before we entered the picture. This episode is a companion piece to the movie, covering a wide range of topics such as Dinesh's early days at Kartemquin Films; the challenges of interviewing family members; and how people's attitudes about talking on camera have evolved (or devolved) in the last couple decades. 

This installment begins with a shout-out to Mr. Patrick Bromley, whose F This Movie! Fest 6 was a resounding success last weekend, and ends with a few words about Ian's tour of the Kartemquin Films office (photos at the end of the post).

Episode 195 finds strength in vulnerability, thanks to an exciting new voice in film!

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"Camera #1", proudly displayed in the office of Kartemquin Films' co-founder, Gordon Quinn

"Hoop Dreams" became a reality on this editing suite.

"Unbroken Glass" director Dinesh Das Sabu and Ian, standing in front of one award-winning mantle!

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Ep194: No Rest for the WICK

The Kicking the Seat Podcast returns with a vengeance! Ian and fellow cinema assassins David Fowlie of Keeping it Reel and Emmanuel Noisette of Eman's Movie Reviews pull a contract on John Wick: Chapter 2--but not everyone is keen on pulling the trigger!

Also, Ian implores listeners to sharpen their thumbs (?) for tomorrow's F This Movie! Fest 6! Join Patrick Bromley and a global community of movie lovers for the world's only all-Twitter film festival as we rip and revere 1987 classics like The Princess Bride, Predator, and Raising Arizona!

As if that's not enough, you'll get a tease of Monday's episode, wherein Ian talks with first-time-feature filmmaker Dinesh Das Sabu about his stirring, personal, and eye-opening documentary, Unbroken Glass--which begins a week-long limited engagement at the Gene Siskel Film Center on February 17th (with Dinesh and special guests in attendance)!

Is there anything else? Oh, yeah! The Kicking the Seat Podcast is in a movie! What's that all about? Listen and learn!

Don't take it personally, gang: Episode 194 just wants its car back!

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Ep193: COMEDY is King

Today,'s Patrick "The Über Critic" McDonald returns to the Kicking the Seat Podcast for the first of what we hope to be a unique and exciting series that pairs a film from 2017 with another movie celebrating an anniversary this year. Kicking things off is a look at Martin Scorsese's 1982 prescient fame parable, The King of Comedy, and Taylor Hackford's The Comedian, which opens today. Both are Robert DeNiro films. Both are films in which DeNiro plays a struggling stand-up comic. But, as you'll soon hear, the approaches and the results could not be more different.

Also, Ian talks about his trip to Tribeca Flashpoint Academy on Wednesday with The Lens Legal Group's Elaine Wyder-Harshman, where they enjoyed a screening of Brady Corbet's The Childhood of a Leader, and the spirited audience discussion that followed. The event was hosted by IFP Chicago, and Ian shares some information about this wonderful group of people who foster independent filmmaking and appreciation in the Windy City.

Episode 193 is funny--like a clown that's s'posed to amuse you.

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Ep192: Making Hay

For more than forty years, Colin Hay has been a man at work. After headlining one of the world's biggest bands, the singer/songwriter/storyteller embarked on a tumultuous solo career that transformed him into a completely different kind of artist. In the spectacular new documentary, Colin Hay: Waiting for My Real Life, co-directors Nate Gowtham and Aaron Faulls chronicle the rise, fall, and rebirth of one of music's most vulnerable entertainers.

For this week's Kicking the Seat Podcast, Ian and David Fowlie of Keeping it Reel sat down with Colin and Nate just before a screening of the film at City Winery Chicago. They discussed the making of the film; the wisdom that comes with humility and age; and how Colin's upcoming album, Fierce Mercy, dovetails cosmically with Waiting for My Real Life. Colin also surprised the group with an eye-popping example of his uncanny memory.

If you're a new fan, an old fan, or are unfamiliar with Colin Hay, we hope this conversation serves as a welcome companion piece to what is sure to be one of 2017's very best films. And if you're in Chicago on Friday, March 10th, and want to see what all the fuss is about, you can get tickets to Colin's performance at Thalia Hall.

Episode 192 is dedicated to artists everywhere as a reassurance that hard work, persistence, and love of craft and people are worth more than selling millions of records (No, really).

L-R: Nate Gowtham and Colin Hay (Photo by David Fowlie)

L-R: Ian Simmons, Colin Hay, David Fowlie, Nate Gowtham (Photo by Christina Dunkley)

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Ep191: Arts for the Society

It's all fun and games until someone gets detained at the airport. Consider today's installment of the Kicking the Seat Podcast a digital protest sign, a rallying cry for several nuanced, national conversations we so desperately need to have. David Fowlie of Keeping it Reel joins Ian to talk about Lloyd Kramer's alternately haunting and uplifting documentary, Midsummer in Newtown, about how an unusual school play helps a community rebuild in the aftermath of tragedy.*

Also, Ian shares a letter from the Chicago Film Critics Association to our newly minted POTUS, regarding last weekend's Muslim travel ban (fear not, Conservative listeners: Ian's got a few choice words for the Left, too).

We promise a return to the Ha-Ha times soon enough, but Episode 191 is a Works Project for the soul, a pebble-skip in the ocean of public discourse.

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*You can see Midsummer in Newtown this Thursday at the Gene Siskel Film Center, with special guests in attendance!

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