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The KtS Interview: Doug Jones

"Two interviews in a week, Ian? That's crazy!"

Yes, Fictive Reader Voice, that is crazy. In fairness, it's been eight days since the Dead Weight interview. In double-fairness, I sat down with the generous, warm, and talented Doug Jones just over six months ago at Chicago's Friendly Towers during the world premiere of his film, Absentia.

Due to technical difficulties beyond my control, I wasn't able to post this until now. But it's up and ready for your enjoyment. Please, have at it.

But first, a few notes:

You can learn more about Absentia, which made my ten-best list last year, by visiting the film's official Web site (the main page has links to Amazon and iTunes, where you can rent or purchase the movie).

A couple other films come up in the interview, as well: Gainsbourg: A Heroic Life, is also out on video, and Don Coscarelli's John Dies at the End hits theatres later this year.

Enough plugging! It's time for some "thanks"es! The reason you are able to see and hear this video is because Coye Vega and Brock Rizy were on hand to operate cameras, lights, and sound (using the equipment of Studio Boo's Chad Hawks--who was, appropriately, in absentia). We were hosted by the lovely and amazing Dave Canfield, whose office--as you'll see--is as inscrutable as it is uncomfortable.

Lastly (I promise), if you're not a fan of watching fifteen-minute interviews, I encourage you to treat this as a podcast and simply listen. There's some great stuff here. And if you cheat yourself out of the experience of seeing Doug Jones act out a costume fitting, at least stick around to hear his story about putting together a mime-themed coffee table book.


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