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Ep04: Doug Jones / The Avengers' Dark Shadows

Join Kicking the Seat as we celebrate one month of podcasting! In this week's episode (number four, if you're keeping count), I discuss the fall and fall of Holliston, the cosmic disappointment that is The Avengers' billion-dollar box office, and the global financial crisis.

Oh, and I also interview El Fauno himself, Doug Jones! Regular readers will recognize this chat from early last month (actually, last fall), but presented here is the unedited* version. That's right, gang: you're in for even more Silver Surfin' goodness from America's favorite psychic fish-man!

Before I go, I'd like to give a shout-out to Meghan who, through the grapevine, helped me to vastly improve the quality of this week's episode through the power of positive thinking.**

As always, you can click the link below (left for listening, right for downloading) to access the show.

Hey! that kinda rhymes!

Catch ya next week. Thanks!

*Okay, there's a smidge of editing: my intro has been clipped.

**Quality not guaranteed, but good spirits and a healthier attitude about podcasting go a long way.

Click to Listen!

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