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Ep03: Larry Cohen / The Meh-vengers

Do you believe in miracles? Well, the third episode of the Kicking the Seat podcast should dispel all doubts in the existence of a higher power. Having conquered a debilitating lack of confidence and listenership numbers so low they can only be described as "Really?", I've returned to assault your ears with more rambling incoherence that might--if you listen very carefully--have something to do with movies.

Even more amazing is the fact that I have a brand new interview for you to enjoy! Last Thursday, I knelt down with writer/director Larry Cohen (The Stuff, It's Alive) for a seven-minute chat in the lobby of Chicago's historic Portage Theatre--you know, the one that's still in trouble and desperately needs to be rescued from crazed fundamentalists.

Anyway, huge props to Terror in the Aisles for putting on a special, free double feature of Larry's films, God Told Me To I can't tell you what the other movie was. You see, it's in the distribution process right now, and I'm bound by some code or whatever to not say anything.

But, hey, this is the Internet. I'm sure you can find out more by typing in some handy keywords. Two things are for sure: I really enjoyed the flick, and will post a review whenever it officially comes out.

By the way, I failed to mention any of the above in this week's podcast. Professionalism? What's that?

So, yes, please enjoy the interview with Larry. And stick around for a dramatic reading of my Avengers review--as well as some additional thoughts on that film, sparked by the astute and talented Adam Bartlett of Dead Weight fame.

As always, you can click the link below (left for listening, right for downloading) to access the show.

Thanks, and catch you next week!

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