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Ep144: Murdering SUICIDE

This week, Ian and returning guest critic David Fowlie bask in all the sweet, sweet Marvel money they got for hating on Suicide Squad! Seriously, though, this barn-burner of an episode not only focuses on DC's continued march toward cinematic irrelevance, but also the fan outrage and conspiracy theories plaguing Warner Bros' highly anticipated late-summer release. Ian offers a behind-the-scenes look at what makes film critics tick,* and issues a challenge to anyone who doubts the veracity of his profession's most ardent practitioners!

Also, Ian talks about two of this week's Shout! Factory releases; mentions a film opening at Chicago's Gene Siskel Film Center; and reminds listeners that David will host a 30th anniversary screening of Big Trouble in Little China next Wednesday at Classic Cinemas Elk Grove.

Bust out the marshmallows, kids, 'cause the lunatics finally burn down the asylum in Episode 144!

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*Special thanks to Erik Childress of the Movie Madness Podcast for fueling some of these insights.

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