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Ep355: Goo's the Boss?

Today, the Kicking the Seat Podcast teams up with some of Chicago's most well-read comic-book devotees/film critics for a look at Ruben Fleischer's Venom! Following a sneak preview of Sony's latest (sorta) foray into the big-screen superhero genre, Ian sat down with David Fowlie of Keeping it Reel, Emmanuel Noisette of Eman's Movie Reviews, and "fresh"-ly minted Rotten Tomatoes reviewer Don Shanahan of Every Movie Has a Lesson.

Venom follows a malevolent alien life-form to Earth, where it bonds with a down-on-his-luck reporter named Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy), who uses his newfound powers to uncover a conspiracy and bite the heads off bad guys. From the characters' four-color roots; to fan expectations; to the possible strategies that led to a wildly disconnected end product, nothing is off the table in this contentious but oh-so-fun chat about a movie that (surprise, surprise) three of the guys strongly disliked and one of them thought was a rocky start to what could be a solid franchise.

Also, Ian talks a bit about the inspiring new documentary Science Fair, which begins a two-week run at the Gene Siskel Film Center today!

Episode 355 has a parasite!

Note: In the introduction, Ian mistakenly refers to Venom as having "a trio of screenwriters". There are actually four, which, sadly, further proves the point he was trying to make.

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